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Why choose Product Data Lake?

Sharing product data within business ecosystems has grown dramatically during the last years driven by the increased use of ecommerce. Product Data Lake helps business partners sharing their product data in a fast and seamless way.

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What is Product Data Lake?

Product Data Lake is a cloud service for sharing product data in the business ecosystems of manufacturers, distributors, merchants, marketplaces and large end users of product information aiming at increased data monetization.

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How does it work?

A data lake is a concept with growing popularity related to big data. A data lake focuses less on predefined standards but makes variant use of data by the time needed possible. Product Data Lake streamlines and automate your business processes within Product Data Syndication.

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How much?

Subscription to Product Data Lake is available on a range of levels starting from an inexpensive small subscription with only one trading partner and a thousand products over medium and larger subscriptions.

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How about you?

As a subscriber to Product Data Lake you can manage your relationship with your trading partners and link your common products, their attributes and digital assets.

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