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Make it easy, inexpensive, and effective for your customers to purchase and resell your products. Your product data is automatically ”pushed” forward to your customers, which helps increase your sales and their sales at the same time.

A vital precondition for a sale is that your customers have proper information about your products when buying and reselling them.

Product Data Lake is a cloud-based solution that automatically converts and “pushes” product data from your system to your customers, feeding it directly into their individual systems in the preferred format, regardless of the system that you and your customers use. It is up to you to decide, what data you wish to share with the individual customers, and their systems will automatically be updated accordingly. Product Data Lake can either be used alone or as an add-on solution for frequently used ERP and PIM product management systems. You only pay for the data that is transmitted through the system. This guarantees you the safest and most scalable solution.

Avoid incorrect product data
How do you currently make sure that all your customers always have the most up-to-date product data? Do you send them a catalogue, an email, or an Excel file? Do you have a customer portal, from which they are able to download your data? Or do you send updated data individually to each of your customers’ supplier portals? Perhaps you do a little bit of each? No matter which of these solutions you choose, there is a risk that your customers make use of data that is either not up-to-date or perhaps contains errors. To make matters worse, it is both expensive and inconvenient for you to have to deliver data to your customers in this fashion.

Increase your turnover
Another thing is, do your customers remember to update their information as soon as it is made available to them, and how do they minimize the risk of errors, if they need to handle the data manually? Don’t forget, your customers probably have a host of other suppliers, who want them to update their product data here and now. It is both time-consuming and expensive for your customers to manage all that data, which comes in many different shapes and forms. The risk of errors when handling data is significant, and if your customers fail to manage your product data correctly and simultaneously, you end up losing turnover.

Product Data Lake solves the problem with great advantage for you as the manufacturer, for your customers, and for their customers such as retailers and web shops.

Facts about Product Data Lake – automatic product data transfer

You can always rest assured that your customers and their customers have correct and up-to-date versions of your product data
You gain a competitive edge by making it convenient and effective for your customers to do business with you
You achieve greater customer satisfaction
Your customers save a substantial amount of money and loads of work hours by not having to handle product date on their own
You save money and labor by only having to deliver product data through one source
You and your customers increase your sales by always having 100% correct product data
You and customers save money on misorders and returns as a result of having incorrect product data
It is inexpensive to use Product Data Lake compared with other types of product data exchange, as the settlement is variable and based exclusively on the amount of data that is transmitted through the system. The annual cost per product typically lies in the range of 1-3 DKr.

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